Thanks to your support over the last twelve years, I’ve worked hard to keep our city fiscally sound, rebuild our infrastructure, stop the 710 Freeway, improve our environment, and build up our youth and senior programs. Our progress in achieving many of these goals is due in large part to my success in obtaining funds from federal and state governments and regional agencies to benefit South Pasadena.

My goal for this term is to continue doing more of the same, heeding your concerns, representing your values, and championing your call to:

- Continue fiscal responsibility
- Rebuild crumbling infrastructure
- Assure that no freeway extension will cut through or under our community
- Maintain small-town character through sustainable growth
- Provide excellent city services for residents
- Improve and protect the environment to create a healthier, more beautiful community
- Support existing merchants while allowing our business district to grow successfully and sustainably
- Promote light rail, clean freight trains, and pedestrian/bike-friendly alternatives to expensive, polluting freeways and tunnels

If re-elected, I’ll continue to exercise sound judgment and use experience I’ve gained to achieve these mutual goals.