Elected Officials

U.S. Rep. Judy Chu
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff
State Senator Carol Liu
Assemblymember Chris Holden
State Controller John Chiang
South Pasadena Mayor Pro Tem Marina Khubesrian
South Pasadena Councilmember Robert Joe
Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard
PCC Board Member Linda Wah
SPUSD Board President David Adelstein
SPUSD Board Member Michele Kipke
SPUSD Board Member Joe Loo
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board Member Charles Trevino
San Gabriel Water District Board Member Thomas Wang
Former Assemblymember Anthony Portantino
Former South Pasadena Mayor Dorothy Cohen
Former South Pasadena Mayor Harry Knapp
Former South Pasadena Mayor Odom Stamps
Former City Treasurer Vic Robinette
Other Endorsements by community volunteers, friends, and neighbors:
Proudly being endorsed by Sierra Club
Pasadena-Foothills Association of Realtors
David Czamanske, Chair, Pasadena Group of Sierra Club
Tim Wendler, Advisory Board Member of Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy
Julie Giulioni, Former President of SPEF, Candidate of School Board

Kim Hughes, Chair of Natural Resources and Environmental Commission

Bill Sherman:  Chair of Freeway & Transportation Commission

Mary Urquhart, Chair of Public Safety Commission

J. Michael Gin, Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission

Robert Conte, Chair of Cultural Heritage Commission

Anthony George, Chair of Planning Commission

Janet Braun, Vice-Chair of Public Safety Commission

Ron Rosen, Vice-Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission

West De Young: Cultural Heritage Commission

Art Salinas, Parks and Recreation Commission

Jose Luis Zavala,  Parks and Recreation Commission

Kay Findley, Natural Resources and Environmental Commission

Evan Davis, Secretary of Planning Commission

Deborah Howell-Ardila, Cultural Heritage Commission

Ellen Daigle, Public Safety Commission

Thomas Kutzer, Natural Resources and Environmental Commission

Walter Cervantes, Senior Citizen Commission

Jim Fenske, Board member of Design Review Board

Stephen Peters, Finance Committee

Glen Duncan, Former Chair, Cultural Heritage Commission

Frank Cardenas, Former Chair, Transportation Commission

Bill Kelly, Water Rate Review Committee

Howard Spector, Co-Director of South Pasadena Arts Council

Joanne Nuckols, Freeway & Transportation Commission

Harry Lieberman, Public Safety Commission

James Mclane, Cultural Heritage Commission

Andy Au, Ad Hoc Monterey Road Design Advisory Committee member

Al Benzoni, Natural Resources and Environmental Commission

Amy Nettleton, Design Review Board Member

John Vandercook, Tournament of Roses Committee

Barbara Sinclair, former Chair, Public Safety Commission

Bill Cullinane, Tournament of Roses Committee

Diane  Cullinane, Founder of Pasadena Child Development  Associates

Jane Jackson, Festival of Balloons Committee

Joss Rogers, Executive Board Member of SPEF

Bee Simpson, Former Animal Commissioner

Victor Griego, Former Freeway & Transporation Commissioner

Gretchen Robinette, Community Volunteer

Joan & John Pantano, Senior Center Volunteers

Clarice Knapp, long time Freeway Fighter

Brad Colerick, Music Director of South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival

Sam Burgess, long time Freeway Fighter

Annie Wei Cacciotti

Laurie Hendrix

Lissa & James Reynolds

Debra Beadle

David Beadle

Gary Coyne

Susanne Foulk, educator

Rozella Oliver

Jim Lacey

Tom Sachs

Judith Troot

Daniel Cervantes

John Cervantes

Anna & Lloyd Carpenter

Jacqueline Ficht

Toni Balian

Brian Weinberger

Sara Yoon

Tina Chen

Alan Ehrlich

Andrew Wang

Kelly Conte

Dianne & Larry McGrail

Marjone Balce

Jennifer Kelley

Phil & Sharon Valenzuela

Sandra Tung

Angelina Lin

David & Cici Law, former Mayer of Monterey Park

Jim Liu

Kin Hui

Ivy Hui

Elena Cervantes

Patrick Cheng

Gigi Salinas

Nick Taylor

Fei & Jack Shao

Mike Fortanasce

Natasha Prime

Will and Kirsten Gardner

Michelle Zou

Xiao Jin

Ling & Robert Goldman

Jim Lacey

Chen Li

Alirezu Ghaffary

Lela Bissner

Micheal Fontanesce

Lilian Fontanesce

Harold Bissner

Bianca Richards

Marina Kieser

Dan Evans

Daniel Evans

Carol Evans

Kitty Lantz

Patrick Cheng

Carol Yeager

Linda Lynch

( This is just a partial list, it will be update soon)

A few quotes from community leaders in support of Michael…

“Teacher, Coach, Councilmember, Clean Air Advocate. . .
Michael has our back! He’s the best.”
— Janet Braun, Public Safety Commissioner

“We need Michael now, more than ever, for sound fiscal
management, rebuilding dilapidated infrastructure, and
improving the health and beauty of our City.”
— Glen Duncan, South Pasadena Author and Community Leader

“Michael is our best bet for intelligent transportation planning and clean air policies that will prevent devastation from a tunnel or freeway.”
— Frank Cardenas, Former Chair, Transportation Commission

“Michael has championed all the right things to keep
South Pasadena safe and protect quality of life”
— Barbara Sinclair, Former Chair, Public Safety Commission

“No one listens better to community concerns. His agenda is our agenda!”
— Walter Cervantes, Former Chair, Senior Commission

“South Pasadena has never had a more dedicated and enthusiastic supporter of the business community on the city council.”
— Ellen Daigle, Ellen’s Silkscreening

“If we vote for a man…and we will, Michael is the guy.
His passion, commitment, integrity, and skill are off
the charts!
— Gretchen & Vic Robinette, Community Volunteers

“So Michael Cacciotti is Italian? He could just as easily
be Irish, or Hispanic, or Chinese. Everyone has a
voice with him.”
— Linda Wah, PCC Board of Trustees